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Jay Seward

Car Number 88y

How I got into racing - I was just a fan in the stands that loved watching the races. I was saving my money to buy a new 4-wheeler but decided to buy an arena car instead. My team came up with a plan to put hand controls in the car to make it easier for me to operate.

  • Birthday: 10/21/2004
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 162
  • Favorite junk food: Honey Bun
  • Favorite movie: Home Alone
  • Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Favorite ride at Kings Dominion: The Intimidator
  • Favorite NASCAR driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • School: Hamilton Homes Middle School
  • What I like most about Arena Racing:
    I like the fact that this is a sport that I can take part in and be the same as all of my competitors. Even though my car has hand controls, I am still able to compete at the same level as everyone else.

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