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Savannah Nickens

Car Number 71

I got into arena racing about 5-6 years ago when my dad used to take me to many of the races. I told my dad that I wanted to race so first he got himself a car to make sure it was safe enough for me. Then he told me if I really wanted it I would have to save up for a helmet. To his surprise I did. So the season after my dad's debut, I made mine.

  • Birthday: 2/9/00
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 125
  • Favorite junk food: Pizza
  • Favorite movie: The Breakfast Club
  • Favorite sports team: Baltimore Ravens
  • Favorite ride at Kings Dominion: The Intimidator
  • Favorite NASCAR driver: Denny Hamlin
  • High school: Thomas Dale High School
  • What I like most about Arena Racing:
    love the people that you meet at the races. Drivers, crew members, and even the fans! Everyone is so different and I think it is so cool meeting new people. Especially the little kids. They're so cute and some of their passions for racing is just amazing for them being so young.

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